Welcome to VeloMinima

I started this blog under a temporary name, I wanted to start writing but I wasn’t sure of the name I wanted to give it; despite knowing what it’s content would be.

I introduce you to: VeloMinima.

It’s simple, I’m a cyclist and a minimalist, my life is undergoing reconstruction and these two lifestyle choices are key building blocks in this adventure. Plus, it came to me on a walk. What better way to stumble upon a name than one that’s bred through the meditative sensation of walking outside. No need to stab a dictionary around these parts.

So I guess this will be my formal “what will I find here?” post. This is to document my transition to living a meaningful and purposeful life as well as endeavouring to reduce my impact on the world and environment around me. It started with me thinking about kids and the world. Would I want to raise a child in this world? I couldn’t say, but one thing I realised at that moment with almost sickening clarity was the question: “Am I doing enough with my own life for the world?”

Hence this idea was born, bred from a simple off the cuff thought; I decided, if one day I do choose to have children, the world around me will be as it is at that time, but I want to ensure that I am the best possible version of myself for them. I want to be someone my future kids will look up to. I want to be someone I am proud of and look up to.

So welcome to VeloMinima, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Pop in from time to time and see if you like what I write, maybe subscribe if you do. Maybe we can share a coffee over thoughts one day.


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