Is shelving a bad thing?

Life has gotten pretty crazy around here, and this project of mine has stalled. Although the life changes have remained, my active search for making writing opportunities has sadly been shelved.

Is shelving a project a bad thing though?


For a while there I was very much feeling a level of guilt for not engaging the projects I wanted to work on, not actively pushing on. I tried, but nothing came. There were so many other things going on around me it was as if my brain just didn’t have the left over capacity to work on the creative endeavours. So I stopped producing. Instead, I absorbed.

I read work from others, novels, philosophy and all sorts of literature. I watched movies that challenged me and TV series that entertained me. Slowly but surely, the more I absorbed, the more content my mind became, the less guilt I felt. I started to realise I wasn’t replacing my endeavours, but merely allowing them time to sit. Seeing what may be working within them and what may not. I realised some ideas I was forcing because I wanted them to come to fruition so badly. Yet is it worth bringing to fruition if there is no substance to it?

So I refilled the tank so to speak, giving my imagination and thoughts a chance to refresh and reboot so my creativity felt like a river rather than a blocked drain. Rather than focussing on the ideas on the surface my ideas come and go. My thoughts are a healthy river again; and that is a pretty fantastic feeling.

I stayed with meditation and yoga. I kept my basics in check, but what I didn’t do was try to create flow where there was a blockage.

Clear the blockage and the rest will come.