Welcome to VeloMinima.

Welcome to VeloMinima and I’m so glad if you’ve found your way here. I started this blog to document my 2017 and the transition to make a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Here I will mostly be blogging about the key characteristics of my life that are really pushing my growth this year.

Velo relates to cycling. Growing up I was never far away from the saddle of a bicycle or motorcycle. Bicycles always had the key to my heart though. For a while there we drifted apart, but late 2016 saw us thrust back into each others lives, for that I am thankful. I have always been amazed by the human bodies ability to transport itself. Cycling and walking are some of my favourite past times. So simple and elegant, it’s almost like art when you become fully involved in the practice. I’m a cyclist and I’m hoping to use my bicycle as my main form of transport this year. I will still use cars and other modes of transport but I want to reduce the unnecessary usage of engines.

Minima [for me] is a cut off version of minimalism. I’ve always been attracted to minimalism; be that in life or design. This year I am working towards getting rid of “someday” and making it today. I always said “one day it would be nice to try this”. Then one day finally came, right here, hidden in today. I’m reducing my material possessions while also aiming to reduce the clutter in my mind and organisation as well. I want to be able to live a meaningful life, not just live a life.

So there it is, I hope you find as much value in reading and engaging with my posts as I get from writing them.

With Love,